a written acknowledgement of having received money or goods specified
Also statement Euroclear Clearing and Settlement glossary
A detailed summary of an account. Euroclear Clearing and Settlement glossary
See deposit receipt, withdrawal receipt. Euroclear Clearing and Settlement glossary

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I. receipt re‧ceipt 1 [rɪˈsiːt] noun ACCOUNTING
1. [uncountable] the act of receiving something:

• The money has to be re-invested within 60 days of receipt, otherwise it will be taxed.

receipt of

• The customer acknowledged receipt of a shipment.

• a list of those in receipt of (= receiving ) unemployment benefits

2. [countable] COMMERCE a written statement showing that you have received money, goods, or services:

• Keep all your receipts for work-related expenses.

• a credit card receipt

ˈcredit reˌceipt [countable] ACCOUNTING COMMERCE
a document sent to a customer who is owed money, for example because they have returned goods; = credit note Bre
ˈdebit reˌceipt [countable] FINANCE
a written record showing that a customer owes money, for example because the invoice was not correct; = debit note Bre
deˈlivery ˌreceipt
1. [countable] COMMERCE a document that has been signed by the person receiving goods to show that they have been delivered
2. [countable] a document sent by the post office, telling someone who has sent a letter by recorded delivery that it has been delivered; = DELIVERY CONFIRMATION; , advice of delivery Ame
deˈposit reˌceipt also deˈposit ˌslip [countable] BANKING FINANCE
a document showing an amount of money that has been put into a bank account
ˈdock reˌceipt [countable] COMMERCE TRANSPORT
a document giving details of goods left at a port for loading
ˈtrust reˌceipt [countable] BANKING COMMERCE
a document given to a bank by an importer who has accepted a delivery of goods, but who cannot pay for them until they are sold. The bank pays for the goods and, by giving the bank a trust receipt, the importer promises to pay it back when it has sold the goods
ˈwarehouse reˌceipt [countable] COMMERCE
a list of all the goods that are stored in a warehouse. The list can be sold to someone, who then legally owns all the items on it:

• The company was prosecuted after it issued warehouse receipts for tanks of oil that turned out to be mostly water.

3. receipts [plural] ACCOUNTING FINANCE money that has been received:

• Export receipts in January totalled £626 million.

ˌgross reˈceipts [plural] ACCOUNTING FINANCE
the profit from a deal, activity etc before costs such as tax are taken away:

• The actor is said to be receiving $7 million, plus as much as 25% of gross receipts from the film.

ˌnet reˈceipts [plural] ACCOUNTING FINANCE
the profit from a deal, activity etc after taking away certain costs such as tax:

• Each company will share equally in net receipts from the new TV shows.

  [m0] II. receipt receipt 2 verb [transitive]
to write `paid' and the date on a bill or invoice and sign it:

• One copy is receipted and returned to you.

• a receipted hotel bill

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receipt UK US /rɪˈsiːt/ noun
[C] (US sales slip, sales check) COMMERCE a piece of paper that shows the price of something that you have bought and proves that you have paid for it: »

Can I have a receipt?

get/keep/retain a receipt »

Always get a receipt when you withdraw cash from a machine.


a credit card receipt

[U] the act of receiving something: »

I acknowledge receipt of the sum of £10,000.


Land stock of low initial cost may rise a hundredfold in value upon receipt of planning approval.


We will send an acknowledgement within two working days of receipt.

receipts — Cf. receipts
See also CREDIT RECEIPT(Cf. ↑credit receipt), DELIVERY RECEIPT(Cf. ↑delivery receipt), DEPOSIT RECEIPT(Cf. ↑deposit receipt), DEPOSITORY RECEIPT(Cf. ↑depository receipt), DOCK RECEIPT(Cf. ↑dock receipt), GROSS RECEIPTS(Cf. ↑gross receipts), NET RECEIPTS(Cf. ↑net receipts), TRUST RECEIPT(Cf. ↑trust receipt), WAREHOUSE RECEIPT(Cf. ↑warehouse receipt)

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